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Master Plan: Play Hookie

Okay, you guys, I came into work today with very little makeup on. What does this have to do with playing hookie you may ask? Well, my co-workers assume I am sick whenever I show up wearing less than normal makeup on my face, so why not take advantage of their ignorance? Why even wear makeup if that’s my goal anyways? Well, I am trying to look sick, not dead, people. 

Anyway, my point is that I need to escape work by way of legitimate excuse in order to get out of attending my company’s dumb annual Thanksgiving Harvest Luncheon with all it’s gross random homemade-ness and I don’t plan on faking that I like it just to appease my co-workers. Instead I am (fake) sick.

Excuses are more polite than telling the truth, “I am a vegetarian so I don’t eat meat, especially meat from stranger’s houses AND I toss my cookies easily when surrounded by weird unknown side dishes. Trust me I am doing you a favor by not attending.” 

See, not nice.

You would think this plan would backfire because no one would think I was sick just because I chose to go a little lighter on the eye makeup, buy you don’t know my co-workers:

Typical expectations of a co-worker’s response to you or me wearning less makeup to work: “Wow Tricia, u look so naturally beautiful today.”


Reality: Wow Tricia, u should really go home, u look sick today.

Clearly, I have lowered my expecatations for my co-workers.

And by the way, this idea is Pure. Genius.

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