You Can't Take It With You

I'm Tricia. This is the story of my life as a vegan, a fitness health-nut, a wife, and a lover of life. I am a Florida transplant, born and raised in Chicago, my kind of town. Most days I miss my hometown and every single day I miss my family. I began the journey of the rest of my life with my wonderful hubby, Danny - and we're just in the begining stages of creating our own little family. I hope the moments that i share, give you those warm fuzzies, and occasionally provide you moments of substantial belly laughter. Enjoy every day-every moment in life, be kind to animals, go green, help others, follow your passions, eat whole foods, keep your heart rate up, show compassion, hug a tree, and forgive, because in the end, you cant take it with you. Please enjoy the music which provides vivid color and sweet composition to my life. Don't forget to check out to be reminded how beautiful life trully is.


God Bless Our Vets! Say Thank You while you still can.


God Bless Our Vets! Say Thank You while you still can.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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"When you learn not to want things so badly, life comes to you."

Whatever it is you want in your life, you must give up the need to fixate on the outcome - and let it come to you in its own time. Our minds react emotionally when we don’t get our way and we tend to get fixated when our ideas about how things “should be” differ from how things actually are.

When we can surrender to whatever is happening in this moment and trust that things will work out as they are meant to - we’re able to relax our point of view and fully enjoy the moment as it is- without trying to change it. We start to appreciate all that we already have. This frees up more creative energy for us to go off and do what we do best- and we are now open to all possibilities. Fully embracing uncertainty!

Peace IN.

Andy (The Boston Buddha)

Happy Birthday, Dad!

You’re still so dang cute.

 Happy 4th!

 Happy 4th!

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dog love: chinese dogs rescued from becoming dinner meat

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I recently came across an amazing story from China about a stand-off between a driver delivering a shipment of 500 dogs to be sold as meat to restaurants, and 300 animal rights protesters who found out about the shipment of dogs for meat and decided to do something about it. 

Police were called, but the truck driver wasn’t breaking any laws, so what ensued was a 15 hour stand off at a toll booth ending in the animal activists purchasing the dogs for $18,000 from the driver, about $36 a dog.

The dogs were sent to recover at 20 animal hospitals, and at an animal rescue compound. To read more about this issue, check out my blog about the dog meat festival that was canceled in Eastern China last year. 

Click this link to watch this beautiful video of chimps getting freed from a research facility in New Mexico.

The momma’s eyes, you guys. I just can’t take it.

The momma’s eyes, you guys. I just can’t take it.

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Visit this website to see the cruel acts of Factory Farming and what you can do to get involved.